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Blogmeter Social Analytics: product updates

6 agosto 2013

We are happy to announce some new important features that can be found in the tool, Social Analytics by Blogmeter: 


Facebook: Comments Heat-Map

In order to better represent the comments and brand post’s distribution over time, we introduced the Comments Heat-Map that you will find: 

  • in the Facebook Fan Page Engagement section
  • in the Facebook Competitor Overview section




Twitter: Unique Impressions and Response

The most noteworthy of these new features concerns the Twitter areas, where you will find:

  • Unique Impressions in the Twitter Profile Overview and Competitor areas, which measure the sum of the followers of the unique authors mentioning the account.





  • The new Response section in the main menu is essential for those who use Twitter as a Social Caring channel. You will now be able to measure your Response Rate (percentage of mentions addressed) and Response Time (average response time to mentions), in comparison with your competitors and always know how your profile ranks in the national market for each metric in the wide landscape of profiles monitored by Blogmeter. 





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