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Blogmeter Social Analytics: product updates

29 marzo 2013

Few weeks after the launch of the new Social Analytics by Blogmeter, we are ready to release some other fresh developments. 

Facebook Fan Location by Country
We introduced a new area in the main menu, called Fan Profile, that reveals the page fans' origin, shown both in detail in a tab and graphically on a world map.

Pages admins already know the origin of their fan base thanks to Facebook Insights, but often wonder what is, instead, the country distribution of their competitors' fans. In order to answer this need we introduced inside our tool a map and a table showing the fan base location and how the different nationalities increase or lose their weight on the total during time.


In addition, when multiple regional pages are merged into one international page, the new feature allows one to understand the number of actual fans on a national level.

The following example shows how Facebook displays the total number of fans even when the regional page opened. 


 Social Analytics by Blogmeter allows to see the real fans number of the regional page and to analyze their actual nationality.   


Twitter Engagement Map

A new Engagement Map was introduced in the area Twitter Competitor. Like the one in the area Facebook Competitor, the map places the Twitter profiles under analysis on two axes representing the total number of followers and the total number of received mentions, inserting them inside four quarters that indicate their overall performance:

  • leaders: the most performing profiles, able to conquer and engage their followers more than the others;
  • engagers: Twitter profiles with a low number of followers, however, able to actively engage them ;
  • fan collectors: the profiles with many followers, however, making  a limited number of interactions;
  • laggards: the least effective profiles, those that have a limited number of followers and generate less engagement than the industry’s average.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and do not miss the chance of a free trial of the tool! 

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